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BPM Case Study Database (Library)

Our goal is to create a central source for case studies (success stories) from both BPM and BPMS initiatives. For a quick glance at some of the successes companies have achieved in various industries using Lean, Lean Six Sigma and BPM methods and technolgies select the industry below or select All to view the entire library.

If you have sites or links you think we should list, please send us a note.

We have also composed a shorter list in a PDF download format of case studies that have achieved singnificant quantitative ROI.  Case Study Summary Report.

Lean VS Six Sigma Case Study

Northup tried both Six Sigma and Lean and offer great insights in their paper ‘Systems Comparison of Lean and Six Sigma approaches to improvements in the HR Hiring Process’. Worth checking out if you're interested in heavy weight vrs. lighter weight methods and understanding the differences between Lean and Six Sigma.

Recent award winning BPM case studies presented by OMG and BPTrends 

See who is getting the most out of BPM in this prestigious competition for best application (single and enterprise), best use of standards and best ROI. Contest Winners.

BPMS Vendor Case Study Links

We have included many BPMS vendor case studies in our database above, however, many vendors require you to login to view their case studies. In those cases, we could not included them. For those interested in viewing case studies by vendor, we aggregated the thinks to their case study pages here.
Mouse over and you'll get an idea of what the vendors are making available. We offer these links knowing that the link address may change over time (we'll do are best to periodically review them).  

Any vendor who would like to have their case studies listed or updated should please contact us on our feedback page or send an email